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The Long Island Community Chest is interested in helping people who have no where else to turn. Individuals who have exhausted all traditional means of help.


Our founders, Matthew Silver and Jamie Austin, have been involved in many charities and not-for-profit organiations on Long Island, and wanted to create an organziation that gave back to their local community. They wanted to see the rewards of their fundraising efforts in person. By helping specific individuals directly, they can get to know those they help.

There will be no administrative costs, no Black-Tie Galas


Our desire is to avoid non-charitable, self-created events, Instead, we will utilize the attraction of existing events, such as New York City Broadway Theatre. By designing fundraisers around these events, we will offer participants the combination of an interesting evening out and the satisfaction that they also raised money for a good cause at the same time. Other events will be organized enabling companies to introduce their staff to what the LICC is all about and provide the company with recognition for their involvement in the Long Island Community Chest.

Long Islanders


Long Islanders




The LICC is made up of individuals and companies right here on Long Island. This list of "CHAMPIONS" continues to grow every day. These are people, just like you, who want to make a difference. Join us and help those who need our help.

Who do we help?
As the idea of the LICC is to help individuals and families in short-term crises, we have created an Advisory Board consisting of local Community Advocates. These individuals are intimately familiar with needy individuals. This Advisory Board will bring to us a continual list of potential recipients. Recipients shall be individuals or families recently experiencing traumatic life-altering setbacks to their day to day lives. Indivduals who have exhausted all traditional means of help i.e. a parent unable to work because of a car accident, or someone unable to pay for unexpected medical problems. The LICC is interested in helping specific, identifiable people who have nowhere else to turn.

The Long Island Communtiy Chest is an on-going fund to provide immediate, short-term financial support to needy individuals and families on Long Island

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